Eco Furoshiki & Norenya

On the north side of Aneyakoji, west of Nishinotoin; Tel: 075-241-1516; Open: 9:00-18:00; Closed Sun. & holidays; We specialize in Furoshiki and Noren curtains; Furoshiki is a beautiful traditional Japanese wrapping cloth; a useful and economical tool for wrapping and carrying things; PLUS a wide range of options: Tango chirimen fine cloth, ukiyoe designs, colorful and traditional Japanese patterns, etc.; Noren is an elegant Japanese style split curtain that generally hangs at the entrance of shops or houses or is used as a room partition; decoration as a tapestry, and a wide range of designs are available as well; Other textile goods including table runners, wallets, pouches, tenugui hand towels, and more await you!

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