Since July 1987, KYOTO VISITOR’S GUIDE (KVG) has introduced the charms of Kyoto, the international tourist city, from various angles. The magazine has been a source of practical and useful information for tourists as well as full of informative and educational English guide.

However, in the early 2020, KVG had no choice but decided to take a cease of publishing this long-loved and -needed magazine due to the travel restrictions caused by the world-wide spread of COVID-19.

In March 2021, KVG has made its new start which presents the magazine’s new style and renewed central concept. Kyoto is limitless and has so much to offer. KVG will continue to share stories about this beautiful, resilient city and her people.

Read, learn and experience Kyoto more on KVG’s new websitebr

KYOTO VISITOR'S GUIDE は、国際観光都市・京都の魅力を毎月お届けする英文観光情報誌として1987年7月に創刊しました。


世界中の人々を魅了し、人々が恋しがるものが京都から尽きることがありません。KVG はこれからもこの美しく、強い街から生まれるたくさんのストーリーを伝え続けます。

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